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Growing plants in an urban environment has always faced the challenges of limited space and growing media‏‏‏‏ .‏‏‏‏Urban areas are crowded and expensive in nature and serve primarily residential and commercial purposes, while the enclaves of green areas are engulfed by a sea of gray concrete. Even the interiors of living, commercial, and industrial spaces radiate the same artificial coldness. Man’s yearning for a green natural environment has led him to search for different solutions; growing containers like pots and window boxes offered a partial solution to the problem of growing media but did not solve the main problem – the shortage of land and the dominant presence of concrete walls.
In recent years, a new creative solution has emerged, capitalizing on the height factor and using the building’s concrete walls as the growing infrastructure. In addition to hiding concrete walls with greenery that can be seen from a distance, this solution has the added benefit of air purification and thermal and acoustic insulation to the building. The view from the higher floors is also about to be transformed with the introduction of a new method of horizontal cultivation surfaces over large areas, which allow the use of rooftops for ornamental gardens and farming.

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