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גנים אורבניים

Installation instructions


A system with Water Tank


1. Place or mount the water tank on the right or left            sides of the wall

2. If you plan more than one column connect all the          water tanks with the hollow screw connector and            the  o ring. Fill the containers with water to the                connection level and make sure there are no leaks.


3. Connect the 16 mm hose to the pump and connect         the pump to the power supply and timer.

4. Mount the base unit over the tank while threading the        16 mm hose.

5. Connect directly to the wall with the enclosed screws


6. Assemble the Vertigan units  column up to one unit              less than the planned height while threading the 16 mm      hose through them


7. Insert the control unit to one pot place and connect it to        the pump with the marked wires 


8. Install the top Vertigan unit and connect the upper                 horizontal irrigation system to the 16mm hose


9. Move to the next column and make sure to connect the         columns with the male/female connector in each unit.           * You do not have to attach each unit to the wall, only            every two    or three rows


10. Connect the top irrigation line.

11. Plug in the power supply and turn on the pump by               using the timer (see timer instructions)  make sure             that water flows properly between all units.

  12. Move the plants to the perforated pots.

13. Insert the planters and turn on the system

14. Turn off when the water drips to the water tank.

15. Monitor moisture levels in the plant’s substrate and              record how many days pass between the need in                  irrigation.

16. Turn on the pump and record the duration of irrigation         before water drips into the tank. 

       *The test should be repeated periodically, and with                 the change of the seasons

17. Feed the frequency and duration data into the timer,               following the enclosed instructions

A system without a Water Tank

Follow the same installation method, without the water tank 

All you need to do is connect the drain hose under the base unit using the enclosed 32 mm hose and connectors.

You can check whether the water has reached the bottom by removing the bottom plant.

It is recommended to record irrigation frequency and duration even when performed manually.



1. Place or mount the water tank on the right or left sides of the wall


2. If you plan more than one column connect all the water tanks          with the hollow screw connector and the o ring.

  3. Connect the tanks to each other with the enclosed screws.

      If you are building a vertical wall with an automatic watering            system. install the system according to the instructions for -            automatic irrigation system.

4. Connect the units directly to the wall with the enclosed screws 

     by using 

5. Fix the units directly to the wall with the enclosed screws 

    by using the designated hols on the back of the units.

    Since the units are connected to each other, there is no need        for more than a few screws to connect the entire structure. 


  6. Fill the units with the preforated pots

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