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גנים אורבניים

Vertigan Systems

Vertigan Systems for vertical gardens are suitable for professional application in large-scale projects as well as household installations. The systems are comprised of modular interconnected components and can be used to cover any and all areas, from several dozens of centimeters to hundreds of square meters.

The systems are made of PP plastic, treated in a special process to protect them from UV rays. Unlike other systems that recently became available, Vertigan Systems have been implemented for many years, and the experience accumulated in their operation is applied to the latest models of the systems.

The systems are suitable for small, inexpensive manual irrigation, for closed-circuit irrigation systems, and for complex systems equipped with fertilization systems, pH controllers, and filters.

The system’s installation is simple, quick, and easy, and can be carried out without any professional experience.

Due to the unique structure of the system, where every plant is completely  separated and planted in its own container that can be easily added to and

removed from the system, there is almost no need for maintenance and ongoing upkeep of the system itself. Treating a problematic plant is easily

done outside the system. The ease of replacing plants also lends itself to the incorporation of seasonal plants in the wall systems.                                 

The entire system is irrigated and drained from one point, making it easier to fit it with irrigation and fertilization systems, pH controllers, and so on.

The systems can also be incorporated with a reused water system.

The plants can be planted in any soil or any soilless growing medium.

There is also an option for hydroponic gardening.

The system is closed in the back and does not require insulation and separation infrastructures.

There are two types of systems – V-1 and V-2.

V-1 is designed to cover larger areas indoor and outdoor and consists of four plant units in 12 cm planters.

V-2 is designed for more decorative applications in interiors and consists of single elements with three types of planters, one of which is also suitable for hydroponic gardening.



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