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Installation instructions

  1. Start at one corner of the area, choose a side unit and start connecting additional units to it.  

  2. Use the hollow screw connector and the O ring to connect the units connecting holes that stay open with no unit connected will be closed with the sealed connector.  

  3. Connect the units in columns to allow easy access to the connections.

  4. After connecting two columns, it is recommended to run water through them and check for leaks in the connection points.

  5. When installing a large system, it is recommended to purchase several planting trays for the planters and walking pads to allow access to the plants.

  6. In large systems, it is advisable to create walking paths in advance.

  7. To complete the installation, run water from one entrance to make sure that the water reaches all the components.

  8. The system has to be installed on a flat and leveled surface.                     * If the area is not flat and level, it is possible to add lifts and                    levelers 



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