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Vertigan  System

The system is comprised of modular elements that can be installed in any size and place.

Simple and fast installation 

Can cover areas in any size without limitation.

Easy ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Quick and easy replacement of seasonal flowers and edible plants.

One-point bottom irrigation.

Suitable for planting and growing with any substrate.

The walls can be raised to any height for plants with deep roots.

The units can be covered with various materials to create a greenhouse.

Walking surfaces can be created between the plants.


Ebb-and-Flow Roof Planting System Introduction








                                        Efficient Tidal irrigation System


The bases are interconnected as an aquifer, which can save lots of rains to improve the effectiveness of energy saving and temperature lowering.

Through a simple way of controlling the water be in and out, the irrigation system it applied can effectively reduce the waste of water by traditional spraying, which makes it a low-cost and effective system.

The aquifer is at the bottom part of the container, inducing the plants to grow excellent roots.

A fully sealed bottom of Polypropylene up to 4 mm in thickness can eliminate the construction of the anti-root punctuating layer in standard roof planting project.


Product advantages


A. The advantage  of the tidal irrigation system compared to the traditional system

     1. No installing of traditional nozzles.

         Traditional irrigating nozzles have many problems such as

         uneven pressure or block after a long time usage, and it also                                                     takes time and money to maintain and distribute them.

         While the new system requires only managing two position                                                         that control the inlet and drainage.

     2. Saving the water wasted on the floor around by the radial way of irrigation.

     3. Avoiding the water to be wasted on the plant leaves and the surface of the earth.                 This system can achieve average watering and reduce ineffective evaporation. Fully             enclosed irrigation system guarantee 90% of water utilization rate.

     4. Guaranteeing drainage in time.

         In a traditional irrigation system, drainage depends on only one outlet, which may                 make water overflow to the floor. While the tidal irrigation system benefits on                         different outlets. Water can be discharged in time.








                              High Tide                                                               Ebb Tide


  1. Plants are pre-planting in the planting pot and moved to the system without destroying the roots. The quality of plants can be ensured and site construction is reduced. It’s also convenient to change plants

  2. Remove the planting pots to maintain and examine the system conveniently. There is no need to dig out a big area of plants to maintain the system in the new roof planting system.

  3. No constructing of pipes, avoiding the problem of blocking.

  4. Water-based plants like rice or wheat can be planted in this system if the outlet is made higher.

  5. This system has extremely high fault-tolerance. The system will still work even there are parts of blocking. When blocks appear in some connected points between base pots, other points are not influenced and still work as usual.


Assemble Ebb and Flow Roof planting System


Cater for the need of modern roof planting, our new and creative products, with independent research and development, are combined with the concept “Sponge Cities” and the requirement of energy saving and carbon emission. The basic principle of our new system is the integration of all the structural layers in the standard roof planting system. Dividing the functional part and the planting part of the whole system, we successfully create the planting containers convenient like the Lego blocks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Traditional Roof Planting System                 Ebb and Flow Roof Planting System



An individual container is a double layer structure. The upper part is the planting base with different amounts of planting pots. Plants are pre-planted in the nursery garden, keeping the advantages of large-scale planting. Then plants are put in the hole of the container, which makes it easier to install or

change plants. The lower part is a water storage layer.

The bottom is totally closed and screw fastening fittings exist

on the side boards, combining all functions of waterproof,

root- piercing resistance, water storage, and water outlet.

Meanwhile, the water storage amount is large enough to

release the pressure of drainage, which makes our products

the best choice for the Sponge Cities.

The installation is quite convenient to save time and expenditure. As for the supporting facilities, we provide separable height increasing baffle plates to expand the planting space in length, width and height, which satisfies the need of all kinds of plants.  


One Layer


three layers

Extended combination



Extended combination

Heading 1

planting in the nursery garden 

Nursery garden can provide excellent water and fertilizer condition, thus plants are pre-planted in the planting pots provided. Instead of sight planting, pre-planting can effectively control the change of environment and cultivation seedling rate, which simplifies the whole planting process.


Totally enclosed bottom

A fully sealed bottom of Polypropylene up to 4mm in thickness can eliminate the construction of the anti-root punctuating layer in standard roof planting project.


Perfect accessory products

In addition, we have made some excellent designs on the planting pots and the road for walking. Plants and substrate can be removed together in a convenient and fast way.  And the innovative walkable road ensures the water storage part not being split by a traditional garden path. That actually avoids the complicate construction of installation of garden paths, optimizing the design and management of the roof planting system.








Advantages of Ebb and Flow Roof Planting System

  1. In line with the roof planting structure standard in construction industry;

  2. Pre-planting in nursery garden keeps the cultivation rate of the plants;

  3. Fully enclosed layer with best functions of waterproof, water storage, efficient drainage, and root-piercing resistance;

  4. Interconnection  of  different  blocks  is  achieved  by  screw  fastening  fittings,  which guarantees strong wind resistance;

  5. The efficient tidal irrigation system can fully reserve the rains, cater for the construction of the Sponge City;

  6. Free expenditure in length, width, and height, ensuring different species of plants like arbor or shrub can be planted;

  7. Supporting facilities include height increasing board and walkable road;

  8. Evaporation in the water storage only appears through the little whole on the planting pot, which reduces ineffective evaporation;

  9. The design of four right angles of the container reduces the leak of rain and mud;

  10. Each  individual  container  can  be  stacked  together,  making  them  convenient  for transportation and storage;

  11. One combined layer is with functions of various layers, largely simplifying the construction process;

  12. Fully enclosed water storage part void the mosquito breeding;



If you plan to make a simplified roof planting engineering or a splendid roof garden, or even a roof vegetable garden, our new roof planting system can absolutely satisfy your desire. The assemble containers with water storage do not require complicated engineering process. A well designed and simplified installation can create an innovative roof planting system with various functions of water storage, root-piercing resistance, filtering, drainage, wind resistance, tidal irrigation, etc.

Hope your dream come true with us!



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